History Resources


Longitude and Latitude Lesson Here is a good lesson from mrdowling.com.

Ancient History

Ancient Egypt
Mummies Unwrapped  Mummy visual from History Channel
The Mummification Process Quick YouTube animation video of the mummification process.
Egypt Fun Zone Page  Sea World(interestingly enough) has a great page for kids about Egypt.  Lots of good information and activities.  There are no questionable things on the Egypt pages, but be careful if you venture into the animal pages of the SeaWorld site.  Much of the content is good, however there are references to evolution.
Explore Maps of Egypt Explore different maps of Egypt from the British Museum Website.
Timeline British Museum offers 4 different timelines of Ancient Egyptian History
Mysteries Inside the Mummies Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery give you a look inside 3 mummies using CT scanning technology.
Senet An Ancient Egyptian board game
Seega An Egyptian game similar to tic-tac-toe.


Maya Adventure from the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Mostly photos and some information about different Mayan sites.  A few related science projects are included as well.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greeks BBC website with lots of information, fun facts, and pictures.



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