Creation Science Resources

Creation Science Resources

This page is “Under Construction”  I will be adding to it and organizing as time allows.  Feel free to add your favorite science link in the comments.  In my home there is always a science project going on.  We love science, but one of the problems I have is finding resources online that are creation-based.  So I decided to begin a project to find resources that are “safe” for those teaching science from a young earth/creation perspective.  No worries of evolution, millions of years, etc.

Last Updated: 2/17/2016


General Science

Institute for Creation Research

The Center for Scientific Creation

World’s Greatest Creation Scientists Kid’s Health for Kids Page  This site is secular, however it seems to focus on the facts.  I have not found it to be politically slanted or evolution-based, just basic health facts.   Here is information about where the articles come from and how they are written.
Edheads  This is another secular site with some amazing virtual experiments!  Perform virtual surgery on the heart, brain, knee, etc.  Spongelab This website is secular and gets much of its content from public school textbooks, however some of the interactives are helpful and have no sign of evolution.  The Build-a-Body interactives are my favorite for review of body systems and you can choose a female or male body for your students.  I would not recommend letting them loose on this site, but if you pull up specific activities for them to complete, they should be fine.  They even offer a Build-A-Body iPad app.  I do not have an iPad so I have not been able to review the app.  Might be something worth checking out though.  There are many fun interactives on this site in many different areas of science, but be careful and review each one before allowing your students to play.
The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method – A no-nonsense video about science and how it works!

10 Movies for Kids about Scientists – This is a post from iGame Mom with a list of kid-appropriate movies about Scientists. I have not watched all of these so you may want to preview them before showing your students. Also notable that this list was shared on Jeannie Fulbright’s (author of Apologia Elementary science books) Facebook page.



Your Eyes Article from Kid’s Health
Model Eardrum A quick and easy experiment to help kids understand how the eardrum works.
One or Two?  A quick experiment about touch
No Flavor without Saliva Experiment how things taste (or not) without saliva.
Integumentary System
Take this fun quiz to see what you know about skin.
Skin and Nails  A fun interactive page about skin and nails from Kid’s Health.
Taking Care of your Skin from Kid’s Health
Skin and Skin Deep A couple of good articles about skin on Answers in Genesis
The Human Skin-Engineered by God  article from Apologetics Press
Worksheet from
Test from
Circulatory System
Blood – The Liquid of Life An article from Apologetics Press about blood.
How the Body Works – Circulatory System  Blood Clotting Article from Design and the Universe about the design of blood clotting ABO Blood and Human Origins Article from Answers in Genesis Your Heart Article from Kid’s Health
Arteries vs. Veins – What’s the Difference?   A great video illustrating the differences between arteries and veins.
Muscular System
Muscular System Article from
The Muscular System An animated video from Kid’s Health.
How Stuff Works – Muscle Page one gives a good overview of the different types of muscle.  The remaining pages focus on skeletal muscles.
This is a good review page from Spell Out Loud.
Here is a neat project to help understand how skeletal muscles work.
Poke-a-Muscle game from
Skeletal System
Take this quiz and see how much you know about the skeletal system.
Skeletal System  Entry from CreationWiki
The Skeletal System How your Body Works video from Kid’s Health
Skeleton Printout from Enchanted Learning
How Joints Work Video and Quiz
Digestive and Renal System
Your Digestive System from Kid’s Health
Fun Project- Make an Anatomy T-Shirt
Respiratory System
Breath of Life Article from Answers in Genesis
The Respiratory System Video from Kid’s Health
The Respiratory System  Article from Kid’s Health Nervous System

Memory Matters Article from Kid’s Health

Immune System


Answers in Genesis for Kids Animals  Learn about over 200 different animals including colorful pictures, interesting facts, and creation evidence.

Dinosaurs This is a great resource with a ton of creation-based information for dinosaur lovers.

Caterpillar Transformations This is an amazing look at how God transforms different types of caterpillars. This links to a general news webpage, so you may want to sit with your younger children in case questionable ads come up. I have not seen anything questionable myself, but you can never be too careful!


Plants General information about plants from CreationWiki
Tree Ring Dating (Dendrochronology) article from
Build a Tree Dendrochronology activity
Dendrochronology from The Bible Chronologist
If I have missed something and a link is questionable, please let me know immediately.  It is my goal to provide a resource for Christian parents where they can feel comfortable with all of the links. 

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