Just want to share my son’s struggle with and triumph over allergies…

My oldest son struggled with chronic infections as a baby.  He spent most of the first couple of years of his life fighting an infection of some sort.  Countless hours were spent at the Pediatrician, the ENT, the Pulmonologist and the ER dealing with ear infections, sinus infections, pneumonia, etc, etc, etc.  

He has had multiple sets of tubes and a adenoidectomy trying to deal with infections.  For a while it was thought that because he was so premature that he just had some maturing to do.   Until one day it was suggested to us to see an allergist and we did.  We found out during testing that he was allergic to 19 different environmental things!  He had a severe allergy to many of the things on the list.   Severe allergies produced draining which caused excess fluid to accumulate and cause infections in his ears, nose and throat often leading to bronchitis or pneumonia.  

He was so miserable most of the time, he couldn’t spend much time outside at all because his eyes would swell and his eczema would flair up.  It was such a relief to finally have an answer.  So, at 3 years old he started getting shots.  Taking a 3 year old to get shots 2-3 times per week was not an easy task, but I had faith that this was going to give him some relief.   

After about a month we started seeing improvement in his overall health, the shots were working!  He is now 8 years old and has only a few months left to take the shots…Wow, we made it!  Some weeks were harder than others to get to the allergist for the shots, especially after baby #3 was born and we all had to go.   All those trips to the allergist were well worth it though! 

The allergy shots changed his life(and mine)!  It is very rare for him to get an infection now and he rarely has to take allergy meds and the shots have improved his asthma! 

If your baby or child suffers from chronic infections or seems to struggle with allergy symptoms, I encourage you to see an allergist.  I wish someone would have told me sooner, we could have saved my son the suffering, as well as the exposure to so many antibiotics so early on. 

FYI- In case you don’t know what is involved in the allergy shot process or how it works…
Basically, they inject you with the things you are allergic to so that your body can build an immunity to it.  Thomas received 2 shots filled with small doses of his “personalized” allergens, such as specific grasses, trees, animals, etc.   


About Heidi S.

I spend my days growing and learning with my boys and my nights as a freelance writer and editor. I am an all-around frugal mom, always looking for ways to be a better steward with the things God has blessed us with. I am married to my high school sweetheart and have three boys - ages 14, 11, and 9. Our homeschool style is very eclectic...Charlotte Mason to classical to traditional, you will find a little bit of everything on our bookshelves.
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3 Responses to Allergies

  1. Hooray! A hard road and you are such a good Mama.

  2. Heidi says:

    Thank you friend, you are very kind!

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